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what we do

Pink Among Men is a full service production company that specializes in public relations and marketing for independent film and media projects.

Founded by filmmaker Amy DePaola to produce and promote work that serve as profound catalysts for thought, conversation and change by bringing together the phases of development and distribution to ensure that the work has an audience from the start.

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Whether you are looking to begin or have already started, Pink Among Men is available to help with any aspect of your film's journey. Customized to suit your needs, Pink Among Men offers help with strategy, public relations, marketing, and production.

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PINK AMONG MEN's weekly podcast features leaders, artists and educators who are exploring using the f-word (feminism) in the workplace and everywhere else. PINK AMONG MEN believes these are the individuals who are leading contemporary thoughts on what gender in society and the workplace means today. PINK AMONG MEN is located in New York City with capability to record with anyone anywhere. Whether you are pink or - blue - or both, we welcome you to chat.

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