EP. 20: IT ALL STARTED WITH MY BLEEDING EYE: On Fixing Things, Crime and Comedy with InstaMiniSeries BFF and founders, Nikki Borges and Ceci Fernandez!

Ceci and Nikki have been friends since they were awkward 14 year olds competing in local drama competitions in Miami, FL. As adults, they are still friends and now, the producing partners behind InstaMiniSeries, an original content company that creates series for Instagram, which Borges founded with Amanda de la Nuez in 2015. The pairs latest production, MURDERVILLE is an absurd mockumentary written by Ginger Kearns & Chelsey Ng that follows two crime obsessed women trying to track a serial killer. When girls start to go missing in their quaint small town, all of their neighbors quickly become suspects and the klutzy but lucky ladies see if they can beat the cops to catch the murderer.

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