It's Monday after the Women's March - how are you feeling? This week, Amy sits down with documentary filmmaker, Colleen Kelly Poplin. Colleen creates films that explore themes of feminism, domestic partnership and religion. Her most recent film, FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER is an exploration of her own relationship to the Mormon religion which she reassesses while being pregnant with her first child. 

In addition to being a mother and an artist, Colleen is a professor at Emerson College in Boston where she created a class titled "Creating Feminist Media" which is giving women and non-binary students the equal chance to be technical leaders on set while creating media that is easily digestible. 

EQUALITY! INTERSECTIONALISM! ROCKSTAR: Colleen may be the smartest person Amy knows. This episode digs deep into mentorship, domestic equality, patriarchy in religion, equality in the classroom and so much more. Colleen is the real deal! Check out her films at www.colleenkellypoplin.com


Amy DePaola