Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do for films?
Great question! We are experienced in line producing and promotion of film and media content. It is a unique mix; we know, we are proud of that.

Depending on what phase of production you are in we can help build a crew, manage set or formulate your strategy; promoting, marketing and distributing your film.

What types of films and media projects do you take on?
Pink Among Men has experience with narrative features, shorts, documentaries, doc-series and web series. We look to work with creators who have a deep sense of the why behind their work. 

For line producing and management services when is a good time to contact you?
We would love to hear from you when you have secured your budget and are about to enter pre-production.

For strategy, PR and marketing when is a good time to contact you?
The sooner the better! We advise that strategy should really begin in development, but we understand that budget constraints don't always allow for that. We have another set of FAQs as well as a questionnaire specifically for this phase of your journey to help you and us understand if we are a good fit. Please get in touch to request this if you are still unsure after reading this.

How much work do I have to do for the strategy, PR and marketing? 
A decent amount. We expect this to be a collaboration. Ultimately, this is your film and vision; we will surely need your participation. This includes being available to participate in interviews, write certain pieces of collateral, like a director's statement, and provide feedback on the angles and materials we create on your behalf. We will advise and guide you on everything we ask you to do but it is your film and we expect you to be there for it.

Do you fund films and media projects?
At this time, we do not.

Do you help fundraise for films and media projects?
In a sense, yes, we do. Pink Among Men is available to help craft your pitch, grant submission materials, identify potential investors and sponsorship. However, this investment of our time falls under our strategy services and does have a cost associated with it. There will be select projects we take on pro-bono, but do not accept unsolicited materials for co-productions at this time or any other. 

How much will this all cost?
We take into consideration the scope and scale of your production and have several financial tiers you can consider. We strongly recommended our artist development program for short films and ultra-low budget projects.


What do you mean by "artist development?"
Just like your projects, you have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. How do you get there? How do you articulate who you are and create an action plan? How do you establish yourself so others see you how you want them to see you? To get the work you've always wanted? This is artist development.

Do I have to be a filmmaker?
Absolutely not. Pink Among Men works with anyone who identifies as a creative, whether that be in the arts or in business.

At what stage of my career should I be at?                              We work with emerging and established professionals. We recommend that you have the beginnings of a portfolio, resume or formal education.

How much work will I have to do?
It is expected that you apply yourself during the time we work together. Like many other things in life, what you put into the work, is what you will get out of it.

Who do I get to work with?
You will work directly with Pink Among Men's founder, Amy DePaola. To learn more about Amy visit her web-space here. 

How long does the program last?
The program is three phases over the course of six to eight weeks, depending on your schedule. We will meet for one-hour via Zoom every two weeks. During our two week hiatus there will be homework for you to do and Amy will be available for you via email and text during that time.

How much will this all cost?
We require a $500 deposit. Following that the remainder of the program is $1,500. 

Is public relations and marketing part of the artist development program?
Pink Among Men's public relations and marketing services is not part of this program. However, if you want to apply the artist development program to a specific project you can. Doing so will give you the proper framework to pitch your project to press and create marketing collateral.

That was great, do we have to stop now?
Of course not! But, we encourage taking some time in between programs. 

I don't have the funds to pay for this, how can I still work with you?
For now you can sign up for our newsletter. We provide education, tips and Amy's speaking engagements/workshops through there.

You can also learn a lot by tuning into our podcast.

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, Pink Among Men will be offering one scholarship a season (4x's a year: fall, winter, spring and summer) to one emerging artist who fits our criteria. Check back for updates.