Amy DePaola, Creator/Producer/Host

Amy dePaola is an award-winning film director, producer and actress. Amy;s latest endeavor, a podcast, titled "pink among men," features women leaders as well as those who are leading conversations on gender through education and art. Amy currently resides in new york city where she produces/directs commercial content in addition to creating her own films and taking stand-up classes.

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Renee Powers,

Feminist Life Coach,

Ep. 102 guest

Renee powers iS A writer and feminist life coach in minneapolis. She hosts the podcast wild cozy truth, a space for women to own their stories and find strength in vulnerability.

in her episode, amy and renee get really, real about how they feel about the term "Life coach" and nerd out on a ton of things media theory as well as jenna marbles.

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Rikki and Charley

BFFs, a sales leader, hairstylist and

co-hosts of the DEAR GOD ITS ME 30 Podcast,

Ep. 106 guests

Rikki and charley are bad b*tches. they are also the co-hosts and creators of the dear god its me 30 podcast. in this EPISODE, rikki and charley help amy celebrate her 33rd birthday by talking about what it means to be a woman and getting older. 

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Bella Wattles, 

Resident Designer

Bella grew up in Philadelphia, and moved to Los Angeles after college. Graphic Design has always been her passion, and in this political climate she's found a new voice through Illustration.

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Colleen Kelly Poplin,

Filmmaker + Educator,

Ep. 103 guest

Colleen kelly poplin is awesome. (we are totally biased here but she is). colleen is a documentary filmmaker. her work explores gender, religion, family and the inextricable ties between them.

in her episode, Amy and colleen reunite! (they went to grad school together, amen) and talk about a bunch of really smaht things. colleen created and teaches a course titled "creating FEMINIST media" at emerson college (alma matar bless up), 

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McKenna Stephens,


Founder of YONIFest, a festival of female centric films,

Ep. 105 guest

Mckenna stephens is a screenwriter/director and the founder of yonifest, a film fest of female centric films.

in her episode, Amy and mckenna, long-time friends, talk about representation through the lens of their own influences from 1990's pop-culture Television.

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Alexis McCoy, Playwright, Filmmaker and Activist 


Episode 107 guest

ALEXIS' motto is “I entertain to change the world”. I believe that my gifts and talents are not just for me. Through the world of entrainment we can and have changed so many lives all because we love what we do. An because of that we impact others. So if entertaining is my passion and changing the world is my goal why “Entertain to change the world”. I aim to spread love throughout the world through my gifts and talents. 

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